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Certificate of Insurance

Many New York area buildings require tenants who have hired professional movers to complete a certificate of insurance (COI). Doorman buildings, co-ops and high rises, and buildings with service elevators frequently require a COI. They WILL NOT LET US ENTER THE BUILDING until the completed COI is provided. If we arrive for a scheduled move and must wait for the building management, moving company and insurer to process the certificate, you will be billed for that time.

What is a COI?

A COI proves that City Sprinter Movers holds a general liability insurance policy. It is unique to each building which requires one, specifying the address of the building, management company, tenant and other parties.

What do I need to do about the COI?

1. Ask your building management whether they require a COI at least several days before your scheduled move.

2. Don’t forget to check with both buildings.

3. Ask your management company for the following information: 

Who should be listed as the "Certificate Holder"?

What address should be listed for the "Certificate Holder"?

Who should be listed as "Additionally Insured"?

Does the building need to see proof of Workers Compensation? 

4. Email and request a COI form. Be sure to fill out the form at least 2 business days before your move. If your building requires a COI, you must fill out the COI form. If for some reason you are unable to fill out the form but need a COI let us know. There is a $20 processing fee if we must fill out the COI form or if you fill out the form incorrectly and the building doesn't accept it. 




Our standard insurance policy covers all items damaged or lost and is valued at 60 cents a pound/item. This standard coverage is offered at no additional charge. An additional replacement cost policy for loss or damage is available for ten dollars per one thousand dollars. Please email us for more details.