Q: What do I do if I'm not sure how much stuff I have?

A: Dont panic.  Start by listing your furniture. Our quote form or Moving Tips page is a good guide, or else make your list by thinking room by room. Keep in mind all clothes and bedding should be in boxes (not left in your dresser or wardrobe).

Q: Does travel time between where my move starts and where it ends count towards my final cost?

A: Yes. Keep in mind that in a congested city like New York, traffic will often slow travel time. You may want to schedule your move at a time when traffic is likely to be less of an issue, if possible.


Q: Can you drop off supplies for me before my moving day?

A: Yes, we have boxes, wardrobe boxes, and tape which we can drop off for a fee. Click the ORDER SUPPLY DROP OFF button under GET A QUOTE to request a supply drop off.


Q: How can I keep the cost of my move down?

A: The cost of your move will be by the hour. So if the process goes smoothly, we get your move done as quickly as possible. Here are several things to do:

  • have everything packed before your movers show up, in boxes
  • empty your dresser and cabinet drawers and pack clothes and other items in boxes
  • we'll take the boxes down first, so have them all together, by the door and ready to go
  • don't use masking tape to close boxes - it's just not strong enough
  • don't forget to tape the bottom of your boxes


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, we are fully insured and can offer additional coverage upon request for items of extraordinary value. Just let us know. Also be aware that your building (either your current address or new address) may require a certificate of insurance, and if so you need to get this in advance. (See next question!)


Q: Does my building require a certificate of insurance to move my belongings?

A: Its very important that you find out before the day of the move. Many buildings do, including almost all with a doorman. If they need a certificate of insurance it must be obtained in advance and filled out by you. For more details about building rules please see our policies page, or shoot us an email.


Q: So once I have that certificate of insurance taken care of, my building is happy, right?

A: Not necessarily. Many buildings have rules about moving on weekends, and reserving elevators, especially at the end of the month. You need to check with your building manager to find out what, if any, rules we need to know about. 



Q: Should I carry my TV on my lap in a cab?

A: No. Well safely pad and pack all of your electronics.


Q: What happens on move day?

A: After we arrive, well ask you to show us everything that needs to be moved, any fragile items youd like us to treat with special care, and we begin. Boxes first. It helps to clear the area, giving us room to work. Well take care of the big furniture later after we protect it with padding.  There is no shame in being a clotheshorse, bookworm or packrat.